Own Brand

Retail fashion business is the growing sector in Bangladesh. As many other countries in the world, people in Bangladesh deeply concentrated on creating and developing a business sector based on ‘fashion’. Fashion retail business in Bangladesh demonstrates our culture, our choice, our economy, our improvement as well as our fashion sense. Now most of the people in Bangladesh are becoming fashionable. Because all the fashion house designers in Bangladesh are constantly giving new designs to the customers. Customers are also interested in buying the products of the fashion house after seeing various captivating designs. The scope of the local fashion industry of Bangladesh is gradually increasing. In order to meet the demand of fashionable people of Bangladesh, there are numerous clothing brands in Bangladesh and TANTU(তন্তু) is one of them. And TANTU(তন্তু) was launched in 2021 by WearHub. Currently TANTU(তন্তু) does not have its own retail store but WearHub supplies TANTU(তন্তু) label products all over Bangladesh through its sales partners.